Effective, Results-Driven Marketing & Business Development for Independent Medical Practices




Effective Medical Practice Marketing & Business Development isn’t about websites, magazine ads or your social network acumen –

It’s about making the business of your practice successful.

To practice medicine independently, the way that you want to . . . A worthy goal – but challenging in today’s environment. Core Agenda will help you make it your ongoing reality.

Why Work with Core Agenda?



A presence on social media, clicks on your Website or ads in local publications will do little for you if they aren’t driven in detail by what you are seeking to accomplish as a practice and who your target markets are. This is why we always start from the foundation of your planning.

Standout Team

Our team is a mix of senior level professionals who each have decades of leadership experience in healthcare and professional services. We’ve coupled them with experts who have deep experience in creative marketing, business strategy, technology and related disciplines in healthcare.

Time & Insights

We’ll help save you considerable time closing your knowledge gap with insights on key business and marketing issues. You’ll benefit from an outside perspective as you address the growth challenges that you face – and we’ll also help you add value with your general healthcare business issues.



We are masters in the nuances and the effective use of the vast spectrum of the marketing tools available, ranging, for example, from digital social network engagement to print ads to guerilla advertising and to many other options in between.  And we’ll do it within your budget.

Digital Presence

Our services broadly address our clients’ marketing, business development and general operating challenges.  To that end, our experience has repeatedly shown us that all roads don’t necessarily run through the Internet.

However, when the focus does call for digital development in order to be more visible, more profitable, more efficient or more agile, we draw on a particularly strong subset of our firm’s expertise. For example, members of our team have been leaders with the Web since its commercial inception in the early 1990’s.  Our staff includes founding executives of IBM’s original Internet Division, as well as Scient, which built MLB.com, Hotwire and Chase’s Internet banking systems, among others. Other team members have led the evolution of industry standard platforms such as WebMD, Lexus/Nexus and many of the commercial Web payment protocols in use today.

Our involvement in the Internet’s evolution has been hands on and deep, and our active connections across the industry are extensive.  Your needs for Web exposure may be small, but we’ll leverage our considerable experience to help you establish an exceptional digital presence that works for the realities of your budget.

When your needs require a digital agency and world-class development shop, you’ll find our the depth of our experience and capabilities to be unrivaled.

Are You Ready to Transform the Business of Your Practice?

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