No One Knows Us Like Our Clients

Northeast Ophthalmology Practice


“We developed a very close relationship with Ted and his team as they worked with us to expand our Ophthalmology practice. They not only came up with great ideas, but they made them happen in a way that felt very natural in the way we like to do things. Then we had a crisis – our medical director unexpectantly passed away. Core Agenda was a key resource in helping us sell our practice, and relaunch two new businesses in the aftermath. I can think of no one that I count on or trust more than Ted outside of my own family.”

Mid-Atlantic Legal Firm

Lead Partner

“We found the Core Agenda team to be very detail oriented with deep knowledge on business development in our legal market. We were very happy working with them in the past and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Midwest Community Bank


“While we have an in-house marketing team, Don was an invaluable addition and helped us develop and implement several new ideas to better leverage our trust advantage in our local market. He is a very creative guy and his years of experience have been invaluable.”

Southeast Specialized Medical Practice

Medical Director

“Ted helped us turn our online reviews from an occasional nuisance into an productive resource – the feedback has become extremely useful. Ted is an excellent communicator, advisor and teacher.”

Midwest Dermatology Practice

Senior Physician Partner

“Frankly, we had a jumble of marketing efforts that weren’t well coordinated. Our website was shoddy, we had spent on magazine advertising that weren’t really effective and we didn’t seem to be able to attract enough new patients for the cosmetic procedure side of our practice. The Core Agenda team have pushed us out of a marketing rut.”

Mid-Atlantic Specialized Medical Practice

Physician Founder, Medical Director

“Opportunity knocked, and we increased our medical staff with 3 new doctors over the past two years. We also added a new office location and increased hours at another. Ted and Core Agenda have been very effective in helping us pull in the additional market opportunity that we believed existed and fill schedules. They always give 110%.”

References Available on Request:

With every professional services client that we serve, we continually deal with a myriad of confidential issues – some competitive, many centered on our client’s clients and patients and others personal to the principals of those firms and practices. While we protect the specific identities and sensitive details of our clients on this page, many of them are happy to act as references. Please contact us if you would like to speak to them and learn of their experiences with us in more depth and we’ll put you in touch.