Customers Are the Source of Real Growth

Customer, prospect and influencer engagement to help you win attention, build trust, earn loyalty and drive revenue growth.

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It’s About Your Business Outcomes, Not Individual Marketing Initiatives

The larger enterprises and practices that we work with understand the importance of well-honed strategies. They deeply understand the customer segments that they target. This preparation serves them well in aligning the marketing initiatives they use to help drive their revenue growth.

Many smaller businesses and practices often go directly to selecting individual marketing initiatives and hope for the best. They mistakenly believe that marketing planning is too complex, too costly and unnecessary given their size. They are wrong on all three counts.

Marketing used to be viewed as simply pushing messaging out into the public and trying to get customers to buy more. That blindly-guided approach just doesn’t work anymore.

Customers are now calling the shots. You need to construct customer experiences with your marketing that anticipate their needs during each moment-of-value that they interact with you.

Regardless of organization’s size, budgets are limited. Every marketing initiative that you undertake must make the most of your resources. Core Agenda’s marketing approach includes tried and true tools to help align your business goals and the needs of your customers with your marketing. We work with and leverage the resources that you already have in place. We dramatically make every sized marketing budget more impactful and effective.

How We Do It

You can’t select a series of marketing initiatives just because you believe they are the latest thing – and then expect your revenue growth to thrive. The world is far too hyper-competitive for those kind of unfocused, “flip of the coin” approaches to succeed.

Leveling the playing field regardless of your size is possible – but not without being able to clearly answer the question, “What are you aiming at?’

We build from your business goals and what makes you unique as an enterprise, business or practice. No one ever thrives by presenting themselves to their markets as “me too.”

Your customers are increasingly discerning and well-informed. We hone in on reaching them at the moments that will most influence their decisions. We help you sort through the explosion of choices and channels to reach them – and determine what options will have the greatest impact – for you.

We then help you execute a marketing program across digital and traditional channels of engagement. We never lose sight of maximizing your budget and resources every step of the way. In order to accomplish all this, we work from Core Agenda’s Foundation of Effective Customer-Focused Marketing.

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The Foundation of Effective Customer-Focused Marketing

In sync with your real-world realities, the five core elements in our foundation of effective customer-focused marketing will help you acheive sustainable, organic growth.

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Strategy provides us with a focal point to make sense of your challenges – and align all that you are doing for marketing – optimizing your opportunities against your resources.

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Customer Journey

In the age of ePhy engagement, understanding what drives the decisions of your customers – from individuals to businesses – so that you can influence their journey with Core Agenda’s help.

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Getting your content right and making it valuable, so that it delivers moments of value that matter that will spark people’s interest and earn their trust. From your website to every form of communication where you are involved – it is what makes your marketing work.

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Data & Analytics

Data mining, also known as “predictive analytics,” enables firms from large to small to better understand and predict human behavior, supporting improved marketing decisions.

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Balanced Execution

Implementing the most appropriate custom mix of digital and traditional physical marketing initiatives while balancing your business goals, customer experience and pragmatic considerations – as well as your budget. Game changing impact from concept to design to implementation to marketing technology.

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