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The Power of Content

Content is at the core of your customers’s decision journey. It is the means by which you are able to make connections on a very personal level. Your focus should be on getting your content right and making it valuable, so that it delivers moments of value that matter – which will spark people’s interest and earn their trust.

Content should not centered on what products or services you are trying to sell. Instead, it must be oriented on how you can help them. And it should be authentic. With the latter approach, you position yourself to give them something in return for the value of their time and attention when they read your content.

Content will play the key role with every moment of value that you have with a customer or prospect. It can be in the form of email, direct mail, your website, social media posts, printed collateral, a newsletter or a video, to name a few. In every instance, it needs to provide value and speak to your customer’s individual needs based on where they are in their customer decision journey.

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Content Marketing Requires Quality
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With content marketing, quality is always far more important than quantity. Publishing sub-par content can be counterproductive to your brand. There are countless points on your customers’ decision journeys where you will have options to make a marketing impact with content.

Your budget will dictate how many of those customer decision points you’ll be able to impact. And planning will help you determine which ones will be the most effective for your your situation.

The quality of usable content can range from acceptable to strong to exceptional – a range governed by time, money and your preferences. But you should always limit your marketing activities to the extent that they can be supported with at least acceptable level content.

Creating quality content is a challenge. It requires capable writers who have sufficient expertise in the topics at hand to capture the unique voice of your brand. You should be realistic that content creation will require a significant portion of your marketing budget.

There’s no shortcut to achieving content marketing success. It doesn’t happen overnight. You should also understand that there can be a disconnect between what you as a business owner care about and want in content – and what actually works. However, if you trust in the process, Core Agenda will help you execute a plan to make your content marketing effective.

“What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.”

David Ogilvy, Founder of Ogilvy & Mather, and known as the “Father of Advertising”

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