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The Power of Strategy

We get that you know your own enterprise, business or practice. But, to really change the game for your business, you need to widen your vision and think from the outside in.

That’s where we start at Core Agenda. To help you make sense of your challenges and mix what you know with a new innovative ideas. To dramatically evolve your business through modern marketing approaches, business analytics, customer insights and impactful technologies.

With a long track record of driving great results for clients, we’ll uncover a clear path for success, sharing the expert guidance you need to excel at every step of the way.

Moreover, getting refined business and marketing strategies down on paper, even in simple form, aligns your marketing efforts. It is important regardless of your size. It helps ensure that you get the greatest benefits to your business or practice for every marketing dollar you spend.

In the end however, it isn’t about having a strategic plan that you can read. It is about being committed to engaging your customers in the way that they want and expect today – and shifting what’s required in your budget to make it happen.

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“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Michael Porter, American academic known for his theories on economics, business strategy, and social causes

Alignment & Looking to the Future

You have goals and a vision for your business or practice. You have a well refined perspective on how to best deliver your products and/or services to your customers. Strategy starts by seeking to ensure that everything we do for your marketing program supports and complements those goals, vision and operating foundation – while presenting you with alternatives to consider.

Moreover, strategy looks beyond your marketing to make sense of your challenges and anticipate key opportunities. For example:

  • Will an emerging trend shrink one of your target segments? If so, do we still want to pursue it with marketing as a priority?
  • Do you have the staff and processes in place to adequately serve new customer demand that will be generated by your marketing efforts?
  • Will new regulatory changes restrict how you make money now and what options do you have to replace that revenue?

In the end, Core Agenda uses strategy to reduce risk and optimize what you spend on your customer-focused marketing programs.

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Transformational Change for Clients Who Are Ready
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Most of our clients are comfortable with their current goals and the growth path that they are on. They look to us to help accelerate their revenue growth through customer-focus marketing. This approach is absolutely appropriate, as it is known that 80% of growth can be simply explained by decisions about where to compete or by market selection.

However, businesses or practices that want to push themselves into the top quintile of their industries have to do something very, very special. Ordinarily they have to ride a huge industry trend to get there. For those clients who are ready for transformation change, Core Agenda provides strategic services in depth covering everything from foundational diagnostics through implementation.

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