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Are you getting the most out of your business’ Facebook page?

With two thirds of the adult population in the US reporting that they are Facebook users, it’s ripe with opportunities for businesses looking to strengthen their presence online.

Along with the constant growth to its user base, Facebook is continually innovating new ways to help businesses connect with hyper-targeted audiences.

In this eBook, we’ll give you winning strategies designed to optimize your business’ Facebook Page. We’ll also overview how Facebook’s migration from “Reviews” to “Recommendations” helps you reach more potential customers.

Are you ready to connect with your audience, let your business’ personality shine and test new promotional ideas?

Get started with the 5 tips to get the most out of your Facebook page:

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The importance of keeping your information up-to-date
  • Trying paid advertising to attract new customers
  • How your Facebook recommendation score is calculated
  • Best practices for interacting with your audience