Digital Disruption and Opportunities

Digital has shifted from being a simple enabler to an essential competitive linchpin. It is creating massive disruption in established industries and new opportunities for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Pressure to Digitize

For established companies, the competitive pressure to digitize business models, products and customer relationships has reached new intensity. For entrepreneurs, digital enablers have reached a point in their maturity and capabilities where a new wave of transformative business ideas are now possible.

We’ve learned a lot in the 25-years since the Internet first emerged as a core resource for commercial enterprises. Modernizing your marketing efforts is an essential first step – we help you grow faster than your market with our vCMO+ services. But moving beyond high-performing marketing programs alone – and achieving extraordinary outcomes with digital transformation – is dependent on observing proven practices about approach, people, resources and commitment.

Core Agenda focuses on helping digital transformation initiatives “cover all the bases” in order to exceed expectations.

Digital Transformation

Consumerization Influence Shift

In the past, businesses alone controlled the value being delivered to their respective industries. However, the emergence of consumer-originated technologies has shifted influence to consumers – enabling them to take control and dictate the value and outcomes that they expect.

This shift of influence has created new expectations for customer experience. And B2B customers are also demanding the same engaging and personalized experiences they enjoy in their B2C lives.

As part of our digital transformation efforts, Core Agenda works with clients to anticipate how they will be affected by, and can take advantage of, new technologies and models that are originating in the consumer and B2B engagement spaces.

In a nutshell – we work with our clients to conceive, execute, measure, and iteratively refine digital-enabled initiatives to create unfair competitive advantages.

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