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B2B Sales Are Data-Driven, Enabled by Digital Tools, Supported by Advanced Analytics, & Focused on Really Understanding the Customer

B2B marketing and sales are in the process of a significant transformation, with several core trends completely changing what will be required to be a market leader over the next several years.

Advanced analytics and machine learning have given sales executives access to historically unprecedented amounts of data and computing power, allowing them to predict with a high degree of precision the most valuable sales opportunities – and dramatically improve sales productivity accordingly. Buyers have become more content-driven, technically savvy, and comfortable engaging through digital channels.

In fact, we are at a time and place where customer expectations in B2B markets are mirroring those of consumers in the B2C space. Why? Well, the line between work and life is blurry. How we live, act and think outside of our workplaces is impacting how we do business. B2B customers are having always on, multi-channel experiences in their daily lives as consumers, and they expect those same types of experiences in their business interactions.

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