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Consumer Products

Integrating Sales & Marketing Into an Agile Growth Team;
Using Technology to Differentiate, Not Just Enable

Advances in technology are becoming increasingly entrenched in the consumer products industry, helping fuel growth and creating new benefits for both companies and their consumers. These developments are driven in part by the continued commitment of consumer products companies to a customer-focused approach to responding to marketplace trends, understanding consumer preferences, and deepening one-on-one connections with their customers.

In the past, consumer products companies have been technology laggards. But as consumers increasingly use digital resources to research, purchase, and engage with brands, getting on board with newer technologies is now imperative. In turn, consumer products companies are now using digital technologies to engage with their consumers in more innovative and direct ways – including direct-to-consumer brands and pop-up stores.

Technology is also being used by emerging consumer product entrants to innovatively transform the product development process – forcing established companies to play catch up. A core organizational enabler has been an agile operating model, where marketing and sales teams work closely together while brand managers collaborate with them full-time in quick iterations – reducing the cycle to market considerably.

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