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Building Profitable Revenue Growth While Shifting To Consumer- & Healthcare Professional-Focused Business Models & Mindsets

Healthcare providers are challenged by declining insurance reimbursements, a shift to patients assuming more payment responsibilities, growing administrative duties that take time away from patients, and efforts to avoid physician burnout given time demands. Patients themselves have more access to data than ever, as well as more competitive options for treatment – which has created new patient expectations along with the challenge to keep them engaged.

While the COVID-19 crisis has certainly impacted the Healthcare segment, providers have figured out how to serve patients safely and practice and hospital services have marched on. The biotechnology and biomedical segments are booming with excitement over growing clinical breakthroughs. A range of more complex drug platforms are now emerging, from new twists on monoclonal antibodies, to nucleic acid therapies and gene-based medicines.

Smaller companies are showing that they don’t need big pharma to launch their drugs. Small medtech firms are also finding ways to commercialize their innovations on their own accord.

What We Do

Core Agenda specializes in working with independent medical practices and small biotech, biomedical and medtech firms. Our Healthcare experts work alongside our clients to:

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