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As U.S. accounting firms begin to diversity and add non-traditional compliance-based services, and retool their current services, they are getting a taste of what it’s like to do higher profit work. At the same time, while it is easy to recognize the potential of bringing new services to market, the competition for the talent required to deliver those new services is fierce – and it comes at a price. Client service expectations are also shifting. Accounting firms need to look at how they are delivering service – and be flexible in meeting the different expectations of each generation.

U.S. law firms continue to see steady growth, but revenues are divided between the haves and have nots. Fixed-bid and value-based pricing engagements are squeezing out billable hours. Large and niche firms that have a strong brand, solid reputation, and profit-focused infrastructure are generally outperforming the market. Success is also dependent on having effective client-centric service models, driven primarily by new technologies that allow personalization at scale. Client expectations are for the same modern, personal experience that they enjoy with retailers. Achieving a highly tailored experience adapting to each client’s workflows is everything when it comes to client retention and new business.

The market for engineering design and architecture firms may be the best that it has ever been. However, on an individual basis, competition is getting more intense. Non-traditional competitors are also entering the industry. Client loyalty is difficult to maintain, and firms have to resell not just to their past client relationships, but they need new and innovative ideas and technologies to land new relationships. Technology itself is rapidly changing the profession, and for many firms is the competitive edge – what used to be flashy digital toys are now necessities.

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