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A Race to Catch Up With the Transformational Impact of  Technology

The real estate sector is characterized by four major trends that are reshaping the industry. The first three are the ongoing rise in real estate investments, the steady growth in corporate real estate outsourcing, and the continued gradual shift to urban living.

The fourth trend centers on advances in technology, data, and artificial intelligence, which have the potential to turn the sector on its head. Regarding the latter, commercial and residential real estate have notably lagged far behind most other industries in adopting digital technologies.

In fact, the real estate sector’s digital lethargy has already enabled numerous new players to insert themselves into the real estate value chain. Traditional commercial and real estate players now run the risk of losing control of their customer interface, although a few forward thinkers among them are currently working on major digital initiatives of their own, hoping to quickly catch up.

Just as it has disrupted and remolded other sectors, this technology trend has the potential to provide transformational opportunities for the players that get and engage with it – shifting the power pecking order for all involved.

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