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Creating Experiences That Break Through and Engage Customers

Competing and thriving against retail monoliths like Amazon and Alibaba requires a focus on achieving and maintaining local competitive market leadership – but it only starts there. We live in an era of rising consumer demands and digital advances. Being able to rapidly innovate distinctive products coupled with seamless levels of services and memorable brands is also essential.

It’s also key to learn to use data to understand and delight customers who have become more demanding and finicky, as well as to create impactful customer experiences across consumer decision journeys. Most importantly however is that digital tools, data analytics, and other technology are now core to keeping up with the industry imperative of getting closer to customers.

There are new business models that can work in this maelstrom, but one thing is clear – those who cling to legacy approaches are doomed to eventual failure. Core Agenda helps retailers develop and implement tailored marketing strategies that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

What We Do

Core Agenda works with retail leaders, their marketing & sales teams and their marketing outside resources to help them:

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