Marketing for Rapid, Early-Stage, Sense and Respond Business Development

Early stage technology companies don’t begin their lives like small versions of large corporations. Rather they are “rocket ships” seeking to accelerate as quickly as possible. Their goal from the start is to disrupt their markets. They organize themselves to iteratively search for a repeatable and scalable business model that will make them a winner. They require significant rounds of investments along the way. All of this has major implications in how they need to approach marketing.

Marketing must be in lock step with the evolving vision of a technology company’s leadership – and rapidly adapt to a sense and respond approach to business model development. It must sort through how to sway both customers and investors alike, and make every dollar count of the limited budgets that are available. This challenge requires sophisticated but lean marketing capabilities that can bridge the gap from strategy to impactful execution.

What We Do

Core Agenda works with companies in all technology sector industries across all product and service life cycles. We help:

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