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Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

Customization, Personalization & Purchase Decision Simplification Enabled By Technology

Intense competition, new classes of market entrants, and shifting consumer preferences and loyalties are just a few of the factors that make travel, hospitality & leisure an intensely demanding industry. Consumers want services and experiences that are personalized to their needs, that come from a trusted provider, are frictionless in terms of time and effort involved, and fully deliver against their expectations.

While bricks and mortar remain at the core of most consumer experiences, digital technology continues to grow as a critical component. But most providers aren’t executing digital well. For example, the Internet provides so much information that the travel-purchase decision has become more difficult for many consumers. The process is often seen as protracted, complicated and sometimes annoying. It represents a high-anxiety purchase of something that usually can’t be returned, and where each individual has their own specific needs that they’d like accommodated. Research has shown that the search for a single room can take 36 days and involve 45 touchpoints.

Significant growth in travel demand is building from an emerging middle class who are shifting their spending from goods to experiences, while corporate travel demand remains strong. Customization and personalization, predominantly enabled by digital technologies, will be a core determinant for separating the winners from the losers.

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