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Travel & Leisure

Customization & Personalization Enabled By Technology

Intense competition, new classes of market entrants, and shifting consumer preference and loyalties are just a few of the factors that make travel, hospitality & leisure an intensely demanding industry. It’s clear that consumers want services and experiences that are personalised to their needs, that come from a trusted provider, are frictionless in terms of time and effort involved, and fully deliver against their expectations. While bricks and mortar remains at the core of most consumer experiences, digital technology continues to grow as a critical component. Significant growth in travel demand is building from an emerging middle class who are shifting their spending from goods to experiences, while corporate travel demand remains strong. The customization and personalization trend has becoming equally important to marketing as it is for the TH&L experience itself.

What We Do

Core Agenda’s expertise in the travel, hospitality and leisure segment includes work in the following marketing, strategic and marketing technology areas:

  • Developing and enhancing your brand identity – the key foundation of all that you do.
  • Establishing a strong digital presence at the top of your marketing plan.
  • Carefully thought out and well crafted social media marketing initiatives.
  • Optimizing your online review reputation management.
  • Effectively and efficiently leveraging data mining to provide a competitive edge and the personalization that millenials in particular expect.
  • Helping implement frictionless customer experiences and loyalty development through technology.
  • Adaptively engaging with the growing self-services trends.
  • Selecting and implementing multi-channel marketing initiatives that cover each consumer’s decision journey, taking advantage of Core Agenda’s broad expertise in business strategy, customer-focused marketing, digital marketing, marketing technology, creative services, business analytics and more.

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