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We help our clients achieve sustainable, organic growth through customer-focused marketing. Competitive success is built from putting customers first, creating uniquely great customer experiences, and ensuring internal capabilities to deliver optimal customer interactions — as well as business expertise and marketing know-how. Strategy provides a focal point to make sense of these challenges – aligning marketing efforts and optimizing opportunities against available resources.

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Customer-Focused Marketing

You also know that your customers are the source of real growth – and the digital era has grown their power significantly. Do you know what they really care about? Do you know how to reach them? How would things change if you put them first? Core Agenda combines in-depth insights with practical expertise in marketing, operations, and economics to help you build a customer-focused — and growth-oriented — organization.

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Digital Marketing

The digital revolution is first about your business or practice, and then about technology. It’s about how your customers react, your competition shifts, your costs transform and your market opportunities open. We help you work through implementing transformational digital improvements in your marketing that will provide you with competitive advantages for years to come – and we help you dramatically improve your digital marketing ROI in the process.

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Marketing Technology

In an era of rapidly changing customer behaviors, proliferating multichannel touch points, and continuing innovations in agile marketing, business analytics, and machine learning – businesses and practices regardless of size have to transform how they use digital technologies in order to survive. Core Agenda provides guidance and implementation services down this path for its clients with its Technology Leadership Approach.

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Business Analytics

Core Agenda works with its clients to build highly effective customer insights and segmentation capabilities – those that allow organizations to allocate scarce resources where they’ll deliver the highest payoffs. Our Business Analytics Team provides deep expertise to develop actionable insights across segments, geographies, and industries to help guide those decisions.

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Creative Services

Core Agenda creates exceptional customer experiences for our clients, but we take it one step further. We create a buzz. We develop the memorable. We creatively differentiate you from your competitive pack. It’s a co-creation process that is anchored by human-centered design, deep customer empathy, and ideation.

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