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Business Analytics

Core Agenda works with its clients to build highly effective customer insights and segmentation capabilities – those that allow organizations to allocate scarce resources where they’ll deliver the highest payoffs. Our Business Analytics Team provides deep expertise to develop actionable insights across segments, geographies, and industries to help guide those decisions.

The potential for profit can vary dramatically across an organization’s customer base. Different customers can have radically different needs and behaviors. The preferences of your customers or your marketplace can’t be captured by simple averages – actionable insights require far more rigorous quantitative techniques combined with feedback from real customer interactions.

Our goal with business analytics is to help our clients make valuable discoveries from their data and customer relationships. Those insights are crucial to developing a sound customer and brand strategy. We customize our business analytics approach for each client situation to ensure the use of their data is profitable and appropriate to their realities.

Lightbulbs market research

Marketing Research

Core Agenda’s qualitative and quantitative marketing research approaches, tools, and techniques help our clients discover why their customers behave as they do at every phase of their purchase decision journey, understand their customers’ experiences, and dig deeply into their best drivers of customer loyalty. By applying these insights, our clients can develop innovative and differentiated marketing strategies that include effective value propositions, segmentation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experiences. We leverage both the internal data that you have on hand as well as external resources.

Customer feedback

Customer Insights & Feedback

We work with clients to connect their customer insights to their organization’s unique operational strengths. We discover insights into promising opportunities that aren’t normally intuitive. We help clients keep their segmentation insights fresh by leveraging direct feedback from customers to spur innovation, identify shifts in your markets and anticipate changing tastes and needs. By taking this customer-focused approach with every facet of customer strategy, we help clients allocate their resources, go after the right opportunities and ensure that they will realize the full revenue potential of their products, services and relationships.

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Customer Segmentation & Profit

Core Agenda’s approach to segmentation begins with a clear understanding of our client’s desired outcomes. We define what it is we’re trying to accomplish first because real business objectives can be obscured in the segmentation process when companies try to reach all customers in all capacities. We then focus on identifying the customers who are worth more than others — those who are truly tied to our client’s economics. That does not necessarily mean disregarding other segments that may be important to your organization, but it does entail identifying which segments will allow you to make more profit per customer than your competitors.

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