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Creative Services

Core Agenda creates exceptional customer experiences for our clients, but we take it one step further. We create a buzz. We develop the memorable. We creatively differentiate you from your competitive pack. It’s a co-creation process that is anchored by human-centered design, deep customer empathy, and ideation.

The digital economy grew 4.3 times faster than the overall U.S. economy in the twenty years from 1997 to 2017 – and continues to this day to build at an accelerating pace. This shift has caused a massive increase in the amount and importance of digital content. Digital content and media, and the customer experiences they invigorate are, together, the core expression of a brand’s promise that sets customer expectations.

Core Agenda helps its clients create and deliver the right content and media for the right customer at the right time for immersive, relevant experiences. We offer an end-to-end approach to the content and media lifecycle and cut through the complexity for improved speed to market and relevance. We create content and media assets that bring our clients’ customer experience moments of value to life and build trust and empathy. And we help create this magic for both digital and physical engagement marketing.

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Creative Planning

Your customers are being hammered with marketing at every touchpoint they look. If you want to grab their attention during their customer journey, you need to provide them with customer experiences that are truly memorable. We start our creative process by considering every step of your customers’ journey through their eyes. We consider the best ways to communicate to them on a very personal level – and how to make them feel special, understood and valued. After testing, we refine these experiences into a creative plan to help you achieve your target outcomes and make kind of impacts your customers will long remember.

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Content Creation

From visionary media to words that work, Core Agenda knows exactly what makes content impactful. We are masters at meeting the ever-growing demand for fresh, relevant, compelling content And our agile approach will bring your stories to life in the most engaging, effective ways. By applying analytical insights, we create content that cuts through the noise and gets right to the core of your diverse audiences’ needs. Pair that with creative expertise and leading multichannel knowledge, and you have a perfect recipe for targeted, clever content that audiences love to read, watch, share and most importantly – act on.

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Impactful Creative Execution

Game changing impact – building on the goals of your business or practice, the needs of your target customers – and a meticulous focus on executing the details. Attention always on your revenue growth – and on aligning each project’s scope within your budget. Our impactful execution encompasses everything that we do with you – including working with and leveraging the marketing resources that you already have in place. The results: tailored content for targeted audiences; measurable reach with proven returns; and cost-efficient, extremely impactful moment of value at your key customer touchpoints.

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