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Customer-Experience Engagement

As customers continue to have improved access to more information, ever-expanding choices of goods and services, and countless opportunities to widely share their experiences – their power has grown significantly. You also know that your customers are the source of your real growth. Do you know what they really care about? Do you know how to reach them? How would things change if you put them first? Core Agenda combines in-depth business insights with practical expertise in marketing, operations, and economics to help you build a customer-focused — and growth-oriented — organization.

We Immerse Ourselves in the Minds of the Customer

Core Agenda helps its clients achieve organic profitable revenue growth by combining an outside-in, customer-focused approach, strategies that wrap differentiated market positioning around your business goals, and initiatives that establish exceptional customer experiences at your most impactful touch points. Everything we do is adapted and optimized for the realities of the challenges of your organization.

Our customer-focused marketing services to help you get there include:

Overlapping digital brands


Digital has turned branding on its head. New social networks and media channels have loosened the control that businesses have over their brand messages. Online discussions before, during, and after purchases have extended the brand experience. Overlapping brands launched to address the fragmented needs of customers have muddled competitive positioning. Core Agenda helps clients work through this complexity to create great, differentiated brands that are relevant, credible and distinctive to customers.

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Customer Decision Journey

We work with clients to help them understand what drives and influences the decisions of their customers. For this analysis we use a framework called the Customer Decision Journey. The buying process for customers today is a complex path of shifting choices, decision criteria, and triggers. At any point in their journey, customers can shift from digital to physical engagement, and then back again. This understanding enables clients to focus their marketing investments on the most impactful customer touchpoints.

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Digital Marketing

We help clients transform their marketing strategy and operations to achieve accelerated growth through digital enablers. Success is about integrating digital into all facets of marketing. It includes developing new contact strategies and upgrading internal capabilities. It requires seamlessly optimizing customer experience across all physical and digital channels. We use the Core Agenda Digital Leadership Approach to help clients select, develop, implement, and operate technologies that can dramatically evolve your organization.

sales & channel management

Sales & Channel Management

We help clients make lasting improvements in how and to whom they sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts. We help capture a detailed understanding of a client’s markets to find hidden pockets of growth and then tailor strategies and approaches to capture that growth. We also help align channels in a physical & digital multichannel world where customers are increasingly shifting across all channels to get what they want.

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Customer Experience & Loyalty

Organizations today know that great products and services are not enough. Core Agenda helps you figure out what your customers care about the most, then designs great customer experiences, and helps arm your organization to deliver them. Our customer experience approach builds on a deeper, detailed view of those episodes that truly comprise a Customer’s Decision Journey with your organization. We then help you prioritize and reinvent those episodes to improve the customer experiences that you deliver — and build loyalty in the process.

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Marketing Return on Investment

Core Agenda works with clients to prioritize their marketing spend across markets, products, and services, define the right messages for their customers, and find the optimal mix of marketing initiatives among today’s wide variety of media types and engagement channels. We have found that the impact and effectiveness of marketing per dollar invested can be dramatically increased for almost all of our clients through better marketing return on investment efforts — helping build strong brands that generate significantly improved Marketing ROI.

Customer Strategy & Marketing Insights

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The customer decision journey & ePhy engagement

Customers continue to move beyond the simple marketing funnel and the ways that they research and buy products has become far more complex. Here is how to adjust your marketing program to their new customer journey and the ePhy world.

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