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Digital Marketing

The digital revolution is first about your business or practice, and then about technology. It’s about how your customers react, your competition shifts, your costs transform and your market opportunities open. Core Agenda helps you play offense with innovation and defend against disruption. We help you work through implementing transformational digital improvements in your marketing that will provide you with competitive advantages for years to come – and we help you dramatically improve your digital marketing ROI in the process.

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are under increasing pressure to deliver results from their digital marketing investments. It’s not just a matter of establishing a digital presence, but today’s competitive imperative demands executing flawlessly across all customer engagement channels – and capturing as much marketing impact as possible for every dollar spent.

Core Agenda provides the brand creative, content media, and marketing technology expertise you need to create exceptional digital customer experiences and communications. We’ll help you significantly boost your marketing ROI. And we’ll help you achieve immediate results now – while showing you how to build your internal capabilities so that your team can eventually drive your long-term digital transformation on your own accord.

Marketing ROI Growth

Superior Marketing ROI

We’ll anchor your digital marketing program with our in-depth insights and expertise on the right growth model –  configured explicitly for your industry and situation. We’ll help you fix any issues with your existing digital presence – and then select and deploy an optimal combination of SEO and marketing capabilities to get you started on your way. We’ll then use Core Agenda’s Sense & Respond to continuously make refinements as we learn what works and what doesn’t. The bottom line? You can expect marketing ROI improvements of 15-25% for large companies and 100% or more for small, early-stage companies.

Sense & Respond Targeting

Sense & Respond

Digital marketing is both a science and an art. Consumer behavior is constantly changing, so it is critical to be constantly tuned-in to how your digital marketing initiatives are performing. Core Agenda’s Sense & Respond will help you isolate the technologies and media that are working – and those that are not. With those insights in hand, you can prioritize on the best cost and growth opportunities for your digital marketing. Reprioritize your marketing spend, reduce wasted marketing dollars, and optimize your program for cost-effective impact. And make the quick pivots that success across digital channels requires.

customer decision journey diagram (small)

Brand Customized Customer Experiences

Every day, people form impressions of brands from touchpoints such as digital ads, online reviews, conversations with family and friends, and product experiences. A customer’s buying decision journey consists of a progression of these touchpoints – many of which are digital. Core Agenda helps create exceptional customer experiences across these buying decision journey touchpoints that set our clients apart from their competitors – and helps influence customer buying decisions. This approach requires understanding each interaction through the customer’s eyes – and using that reference to customize digital customer experiences and tailor them for your brand.

Core Agenda Digital Leadership Process

Modernized Approach to Digital

Core Agenda helps its clients adopt a modernized approach to deploying technology for their digital marketing programs. We use agile development with the Core Agenda Digital Leadership Approach to help clients select, develop, implement, and operate digital marketing technologies. Our approach co-creates solutions with Core Agenda’s experts, your team and our ecosystem. It covers end-to-end rapid development from concept to implementation to operation, scalable for any sized business. It is an experience-proven approach that optimizes on business outcomes and customer focus. Learn more at Marketing Technology.

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