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In an era of rapidly changing customer behaviors, proliferating multichannel touch points, and continuing innovations in agile marketing, business analytics, and machine learning – businesses and practices regardless of size have to transform how they use digital technologies in order to survive. Core Agenda provides guidance and implementation services down this path for its clients with its Technology Leadership Approach.

It’s impossible to keep pace in today’s competitive marketplace without the power of digital technologies. New enabling technology options are being added to the mix on a continual basis – it is a full time job to keep up. At the same time, the era of the standalone digital project is over. Success requires an integrated set of digital capabilities tailored to your strategy.

Our heritage dates back to the inception of the commercial Internet. We were the architects and builders of some of the first digital businesses that were conceived and built. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – firsthand. We’ve been part of the transformational evolution ever since. As such, Core Agenda brings a unique set of unmatched expertise to its clients who are looking to get ahead of the digital wave.

In order to maximize results, control costs and mitigate risks, Core Agenda uses its Technology Leadership Approach with client marketing technology projects:

Marketing ROI Growth

Technology Leadership Approach

Core Agenda helps its clients adopt a modernized approach to deploying technology for their digital customer engagement programs. We use agile development with the Core Agenda Digital Leadership Approach to help clients select, develop, implement, and operate digital technologies. Our approach co-creates solutions with Core Agenda’s experts, your team and our ecosystem. It covers end-to-end rapid development from concept to implementation to operation, scalable for any sized business. It is an experience-proven approach that optimizes on business outcomes and customer focus.

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Technology Project Optimization

Throughout every step of each technology project, three core items are always kept in focus:

Goals:  Your business goals and what makes you unique as an enterprise, business or practice.

Customers:  Customer needs prioritized with uniquely great customer experiences delivered at every touchpoint.

Enablers:  Core Agenda’s expertise on core enablers – technology, Internet, strategy, operations, industry characteristics & your internal organic capabilities. Our ability to sort through the details in advance & identify interdependencies to reduce project risk.

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Technology Project Phases

We can slip in or out during any point of the approach according to what you are ready to take on internally:

Ideate:  Helping you make conceive & think-through innovative new ideas to evolve your business to its next chapter.

Develop:  Architect a solution, select appropriate technologies, pull it all together & configure it for your unique needs.

Implement:  Get your new solution out into the market & use Sense & Respond to refine it iteratively with customer engagement.

Operate:  Train your team to operate your new solution internally.

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Technology Project Co-Creation

We help clients at every stage of their growth, co-developing custom solutions with them and collaborating with all levels of your organization. We help define the roles, organizational structures, and operating processes to use once your marketing technology solution is active. We’ll help train your team to operate it – or if you don’t have sufficient staff on launch, we help operate it until you are able to bridge the gap.

From the start, we focus on helping you build your internal capabilities. At every step we can co-work with members of your organization – as well as collaborate seamlessly with the partners, tools, technologies and data systems that you have in place and already rely on.

Marketing Technology Insights

woman comparing an apple to an orange

AI for your business? Opportunities but proceed cautiously

Artificial Intelligence technologies are still in their early stages of development. Despite the market hype, in many application areas, AI is complex and expensive to implement, with difficult to quantify ROI. There are areas, with caution, where AI-enabled solutions are worth the effort for businesses or practices to pursue today. We’ll walk you through some of the options to consider.

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