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Management Consulting & Strategy

We help our clients achieve sustainable, organic growth through customer-focused marketing. Competitive success is built from an outside-in approach that puts customers first, creates uniquely great customer experiences, and establishes internal capabilities that ensure optimal customer interactions are delivered at every touchpoint. It requires a combination of business expertise and marketing know-how. Strategy provides a focal point to make sense of these challenges – aligning marketing efforts and optimizing opportunities against available resources.

What do your customers really care about? How do you reach them? What happens when you put them first?

Core Agenda helps our clients answer these questions and more as we work with them to set their strategic direction, develop their marketing and sales capabilities, and build their organizations’ skill sets to realize the full potential of today’s omnichannel opportunities. The end goal is to deliver sustainable, above-market growth – while significantly improving marketing ROI.

To deliver these goals in the uncertainties of today’s market, while making the best use of limited resources, we believe that organizations need to build from three things:

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Build a Data Advantage

Pull together relevant data sets, analyze them quickly, turn that into relevant business insights, and then deliver those insights to decision makers so they can take meaningful action. This process needs to be guided by a thorough, up-to-date understanding of your customers’ decision journeys. Core Agenda’s Business Analytics team combined with our industry expertise helps clients quickly discover insights that matter.

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Execute from a Foundation

Create business strategies, processes, pricing programs, products & services, and experiences that your brand can deliver to customers. Use Core Agenda’s Sense & Respond to provide a continuing stream of insights on what is and is not working with your marketing initiatives, innovate updated solutions, evaluate their economics and feasibilty, and work to get them implemented. Our strategic vision and proven methodologies help shape successful strategies.

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Build Organic Capabilities

Get the right customer experiences to individual customers across a complex range of online and offline channels. Orchestrating the delivery of products, services and offers across marketing and sales channels requires operational excellence and organizational agility. Core Agenda helps our clients build lasting internal capabilities by using proven approaches and flexible programs customized to each client’s unique needs.

Marketing ROI Growth

Core Agenda Strategic Consulting Services

Helping Leaders Make Sense of Complexity and Co-Creating Positive Change

Successful customer focused marketing strategy weaves tightly through the top-level business strategy that it bolsters. We support seasoned and emerging leaders across their bold strategic business journeys that underlie their marketing efforts to help them:

  • Tackle complex, muddled, colossal challenges.
  • Make sense of their challenges and opportunities.
  • Integrate data-grounded insights into their innovation efforts.
  • Envision the future of their business and industry.
  • Co-create engaging change initiatives.
  • Grow new skills and capabilities to address today’s business challenges.

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