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Fractional CMO +

Fractional adjective | frak-shnəl
  1. A contracted resource used in lieu of a full-time executive. Leveraged when near-term, high-level expertise becomes essential for an enterprise to achieve its goals.
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) noun | chēf mär-kə-tiŋ ä-fə-sər
  1. An expert who drives marketing growth execution, catalyzes innovation, leverages brand storytelling, and builds capabilities to deliver customer engagement success.
  2. An executive who collaborates across the C-suite to help transform an enterprise’s customer-centric endeavors – from strategic planning to supporting technologies to talent development to innovation.
Plus (+) noun | pləs
  1. Additional skill sets and resources, available on demand, that augment an enterprise’s existing marketing, customer engagement, and technical execution capabilities.


Healthcare professionals collaborating

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our deep healthcare and life sciences expertise fuels our engagements with providers, payers, service companies, startups, and the MedTech sector. This includes integrated health systems, ambulatory care sites, physician groups, long-term care providers, health payers, and companies offering innovative devices and products. We help our healthcare clients address a broad range of marketing challenges and opportunities for transformation and growth.

Business to Business (B2B)

The COVID-19 pandemic drove radical changes in the state of B2B marketing and sales. This evolution has continued at a rapid pace ever since. Single-channel approaches are no longer viable. B2B customers have grown used to multi-channel experiences in their consumer lives. They expect the same in their business interactions. Success today requires that B2B customers be placed at the core of value propositions and personalized experiences. We help clients transform their marketing functions for these new realities.

We now live in an age where how you deliver for your patients and customers is just as important – if not more so – than the services and products themselves.

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